Hi! I'm Paul.

A software engineer specializing in full-stack web development.
Currently, I'm working in Sydney, AU as a Consultant.

As software engineers do, I enjoy programming.
It gets you engaged, you solve problems, you can see Hagrid calling you a wizard in the corner of your eye as you type. It's fun.
However, technology doesn't exist in a vacuum. It exists in the real world where it has to solve real problems.
And when you're talking about technology to a peer, technical or not, you'll often run into either of two problems.

- As you explain, you realise they don't understand anything you're saying.
- As you explain, you realise you don't understand anything you're saying.

Nobody is to blame here. Technology is a sandcastle built atop another sandcastle on a mountain - in outer space.
Abstraction as a concept was created so that we wouldn't have to conquer every level of this nightmare clown castle just to get started.
That being said, I like exploring this nightmare clown castle.
So, on this blog I'd like to take you with me to explore this castle - to understand it better.
Hopefully afterwards, we can explain things in a way where we don't confuse the other party and ourselves.

Email - dev.pauljoo@gmail.com